2019 AD Fashion Showsmall.jpg



             The Art-Deco fashion show is unique one night extravaganza, an experience to be seen, heard, and felt. The art deco fashion show is a unique show  that will be bringing its audience from the everyday fashion  runway into a world of fashion as the foreground and dynamic lighting, visuals, and sound. this submerges the audience in the mind and soul of the designer. This genuinely gives the audience the capacity to understand the emotions of the fabric and the intensity of the designer. this is not your average fashion show.

Producer Bill King asks every designer

" what does your collection smell like? Because mine smells like Vanilla "


             This is a champagne event for the Industry professional. This party is for the fashion industry Professional who would like to do some light partying and networking with other professionals in a luxurious event to promote fashion professionalism in Kansas City,Mo. All professions that drive the fashion industry are welcome including but not not limited to designers, stylist, models makeup artist, hairstylist, coaches, mangers, agencies , magazines, photographers, event planners, social media brands, brand ambassadors, etc...free event