Designers corner

The following designers have bee hand picked by the Art-deco staff and has met the qualification of being an outstanding member of the fashion society, a quality designer, or youth trying to get into the fashion industry, those who want to change the world for the better.

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 Billy King

             A creative renaissance man  Has placed his hand in fashion also to create some stunning  urban apparel for this show. 

"Clothing ,my style, my way, in my time, thats  Ardeco fashion house clothing"

                                                                                            -Bill King




Esmeralda LOLE

Kansas City Fashion Designer, Esmeralda Lole, has dreamed of becoming a Fashion Designer since she was ten years old. She started the pursuit of her dreams by revamping old clothes. She then continued her dreams by attending The Art Institutes International-Kansas City and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing. After graduating she started her two folded clothing line Kyrie Eleison Apparel, which caters to the fashion forward urban market with ready-to-wear garments, and Kyrie Eleison Couture that caters to customers who desire custom cut and sew pieces. 

Kyrie Eleison Apparel was started with the strong belief that we should not only clothe our body but our minds as well. We would like to cater to the community and make a difference through fashion. We have participated in many school events speaking to young students about the fashion industry and career options. 



 Esmeralda Lole

Esmeralda Lole

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Kelsi washington

Crispin Mulatto